Meet the team

Art of Combat Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame recognizes members who inspire their fellow students and have won titles

Chris Thomas

3rd Degree Black belt I.T.F Taekwon-Do

12th Khan Muay Thai

1st degree Black belt Kickboxing

Qualified Boxercise instructor

Mr Thomas is a highly regarded and sort after instructor. He is known for exceptionally high standards of tuition and has been a major role model for his students as many of them have followed in his footsteps in becoming national & regional champions and Black belts.

He prides himself in not just being a martial arts instructor but also being laid back enough where his students feel comfortable in seeking his council for general life issues and advice. Mr Thomas says "It's important that each and every student (or parent if needed) that walks in to our classes, leaves in high spirits, and if they need a confidential ear to confide in with out risk of being judged, then we will always listen and help guide you"

The club is highly active in local charity work giving back to each community that we hold classes in.

Mr Thomas was also a prolific competitor in all styles that he has studied and teaches. Below are just a few  titles to mention.

Welsh Champion patterns
Welsh Champion Sparring
English Champion Sparring
English Champion Destruction
Scottish Champion Sparring
London open champion Sparring
London open champion destruction
Guinness world record holder


Along side these titles, he has appeared in countless local newspapers, and also several international martial arts magazine publications regarding his Martial arts career.

Miss Courtney Kyte 1st Degree black belt


Miss Courtney Kyte is a major part of our our Little Dragons team. She has a a fantastic reputation that precedes her age for the kind and caring nature that all the little dragons (And the parents) look up too. Not only is Miss Kyte a highly valued member of our team, she is also a a highly accomplished competitor

National Open champion Sparring

National open champion patterns

English Champion Sparring

Mr Ethan Kyte 1st degree Black belt.

Mr Kyte is a fantastic member of our team. He is known for is efforts in sparring and also his fearless attitude towards destruction. Many of the students look up to him for these talents as he selflessly encourages people to be as good as him (and beyond). He is also a prolific tournament medal winner having won many titles and regional,local and international tournaments. He is also very active within the Muay Thai classes as well as the Taekwon-Do classes.

UK I.T.F British Champion Sparring

G.T.I British Champion Sparring

Bronze medalist IT.F World Championships sparring

English Champion Sparring

Celtic Cup award for Honesty and respect

Dave Kyte

Dave is the Admin team for Art of Combat Martial arts. His perfectionist eye for detail makes sure that all the paperwork is kept up to date, with the correct information so all parents and student are always well informed of any event that we hold.

His eye for detail, always makes sure that we never run out of any class information or the theory syllabus's that we use in the classes to compliment each students education, but also making sure that each students insurance is kept up to date to make sure everyone is adequately covered.

Leah Jones-Cowland