Krabi Krabong Adults

Our Krabi Krabong classes are the 1st Wales has ever seen. Chris has been taught directly by Grand Master Jira Messamarn who is recognised and known internationally as one of the greatest swords men that has ever lived. Krabi Krabong weapons consist of swords, shields, staffs, spears, Mai sok (Tonfa) archery, trident.

Krabi Krabong was developed by the ancient Thai warriors for fighting on the battlefield. It was used in conjunction with Muay Boran (Taught as part of our Muay Thai lessons)

This art is steeped in tradition, of not just battlefields weapons such as:

Sword, Shield, Staffs, Spear, Trident, Throwing knives and axes, Archery and many other weapons but also battlefield ritual dances, war drumming and also real sparring with each of these weapons. (Rubber Sparring safe weapons will be used) alongside punching, kicking, knees, elbows.

When skill (and only when skill) is proficient, demonstrations will be delivered using steel swords.

In Thailand, as with other countries in Southern and Southeast Asia, monks acted as teachers to their local community. Young boys would be sent to the temples where, aside from learning about Theravada Buddhism, they would be taught subjects ranging from languages to astrology. One such establishment was the Buddhaisawan Temple in Ayutthaya where the monks taught sword-fighting to their students. The origin of these monks is unknown but they are believed to have come from the kingdom of Lan Na in Northern Thailand. The modern Buddhaisawan Sword Fighting Institute was led by Samai Mesamarn until his death in 1998. His son Thanongsak Mesamarn began training in Krabi Krabong at the age of 6.The art was passed down in his family from father to son ever since the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The Messamarn family was awarded the Kings seal off appointment by king Rama 9th.

Chris Thomas is directly instructed by Jira Messamarn, the eldest son of Thanongsak Messamarn so the lineage is direct, undiluted and as real to the battle field as it comes.

Chris Thomas is the 1st & only Welshman in history to be awarded the Black Sash and the Buddhaisawan Monkol (Headband). Now Chris has been appointed president of Wales for Buddhaisawan and has been tasked with spreading this art not just throughout Wales, but also working directly with the Mesamarn family to help spread it worldwide.

Locations of our classes