Cut man & Hand Wrapping Services

Cut man & Hand wrapping/taping services

Art of Combat also offers professional services for full contact events, or even as part of a full contact fighters corner team.

We cover all full contact combat sports from:

  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • K1
  • Kickboxing (all styles)
  • Full contact Karate

We are fully trained & registered under the British & Irish boxing authority (BIBA) to provide the best professional Cut men and hand wrapping (taping) services possible and come fully insured and with enhanced DBS checks so you know your in the safest of hands.

Hygiene is of paramount to us. All equipment we use from gloves, to swabs will be discarded at the end of each bout, irrespective to if they are not even used to ensure we do not risk any accidental infection at all. All items we bring to the ringside are for that fighters bout duration only and are disposed of properly immediately on return to the changing room.

Fight events

As part of your event, we can ensure all fighters hands are wrapped securely with the best materials available, keeping their hands and wrists safe from the impact of the blows, and also be on hand so if a fighter obtains a cut or bad bruising, we can help seal that cut or ease the bruise during the bout to help that fighter go the maximum distance of the bout. We will be at your event from when you wish the fighters preparation to begin, and will stay until either all fighters hands are wrapped/tapped, or until the very last bout should we required for Cut men services.

As part of the fighters corner team

For fighters who wish us to be part of their corner, we would ensure not only that the fighters hands are wrapped/tapped as professionally as possible, but also ensuring they are adequately prepared and protected prior to entering the ring. During the bout we will deal with any bruising or cuts, to ensure you go as  as long in the bout as you can. We will be with you from the beginning of day and will be by your side until not just the the end of the fight where you are back in the changing rooms, but until you are ready to either go home, or enjoy the rest of the event from a spectators view.