Hall Of Fame

Art of Combat Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame recognizes members who inspire their fellow students and have won titles

Chris Thomas 3rd Degree Black belt.

Welsh Champion patterns
Welsh Champion Sparring
English Champion Sparring
English Champion Destruction
Scottish Champion Sparring
London open champion Sparring
London open champion destruction
Guinness world record holder

Courtney Kyte

G.T.I national Open champion Sparring
English Champion Sparring

Ethan Kyte 1st degree Black belt.

UK I.T.F British Champion Sparring

G.T.I British Champion Sparring

Bronze medalist IT.F World Championships sparring

English Champion Sparring

Celtic Cup award for Honesty and respect

Tegan Givvons

G.T.I Open national champion Sparring

Morgan Thomas

British Champion Sparring
English Champion Special Technique